How to Calibrate the PL660 on the FM Band ?

How to Calibrate the PL660 on the FM Band ?

How to resolve the problem of No-Zero output on the TP3016M power supply ?

TP3016M portable Power supply modification
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Question: Why the output shows not at Zero when the power is set to off?

Answer: In order to make a quick discharging when the power is set to zero, we put a transistor at the output end, so it will discharge the current faster, but this generates a very small voltage at the output, which they think it as harmful. <br/>

Yes, you can do as follows to make it zero:
1. Remove the transistor form the image, and <br/>
2. then add two 50 ohms resistor.<br/>

Please see the images in detail.<br/>

This is good for the products that are made before 2020. <br/>
This note is written today on Oct,26,2017



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